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For over 20 years, we’ve designed and constructed retaining walls for families in the Adelaide Hills. With Mount Barker going through major growth in recent years, we’ve worked with many individuals, families, and businesses in this suburb. If you’re looking for an artisan landscaping and retaining wall company for your property in Mount Barker, get in touch with us.

We’ve built our reputation in Mount Barker and the greater Adelaide Hills as a company that goes beyond a simple, practical-only approach. Retaining walls have become so much more than a functional part of landscaping. With endless patterns, colours, and materials available, let’s make your retaining wall a work of art. Because that’s what it is. Landscaping art.


The importance of the backyard


You likely live in Mt Barker for the space, community, and access to other parts of the Hills (and the city). Having a gorgeous backyard is part of the Hills lifestyle. Think about how long you spend in it during the summertime. You host friends, have dinner with your family, work on your garden and enjoy hours in your backyard. Once you decide that you need a retaining wall, you have two options: you can choose a simple style of wall that stands out as an eyesore… or create a stunning design piece that your guests think is outdoor art (not a retaining wall).

We can help you create the second. Just look through our past works to see the concrete sleepers we’ve built in Mt Barker.


20+ years building retaining walls


What colours ‘speak’ to you and complement your outdoor space? Are you drawn to certain patterns? Do a quick Google search of retaining walls and you’ll discover just how creative we can get. Think about the elements you’d like to make your retaining wall a charming masterpiece of your property. It’ll do everything it’s meant to (holds back soil, prevents erosion, and creates level areas in a landscape), while also being a stunning standout art piece. You’ll enjoy this for many years to come, as our retaining walls are built for lifetimes. If you ever go to sell your house, it’ll be a selling feature (especially in Mt Barker, where drainage can be an issue in winter).


Landscaping & garden design specialists


Some of the wall designs we helped clients with include:


  • ​Concrete retaining walls
  • Concrete sleepers
  • Limestone retaining walls
  • Panel and post systems
  • Timber wood walls
  • Block wall installations
  • Rock walls
  • Stone walls
  • Engineered retaining walls
  • Sandstone blocks
  • Retaining wall repairs.

Concrete walls, however, are our forte. This material is inexpensive, quick to install, and maintains its strength over the years. That heavy Mt Barker rain and hail won’t affect your yard. Consider a classic concrete system for your new retaining wall. Chances are a neighbour on your street has a concrete sleeper retaining wall (and maybe it was even built by us).

By partnering with us, you’ll get retaining wall specialists who know landscaping and paving. We look at your entire outdoor area from a different perspective.


Concrete sleepers


Concrete sleeper retaining wall systems are specifically installed to hold back large amounts of soil. Many families love the appearance of sleeper walls because there’s plenty of room to showcase personality. Whether you prefer a decorative finish or more of a minimal-functional look, we can achieve it with concrete sleepers. This style of retaining wall is extremely popular with outdoor enthusiasts.


#1 retaining wall company in Mt Barker


If you’ve got a handyman in the family, you might wonder whether you should follow the DIY route. While this is possible for tasks like paving, it’s not advisable for retaining walls. It’s not just a matter of keeping soil in place by putting up a wall. Doing it right requires knowledge, materials, equipment, and time. While you might have the energy and time, building retaining wall takes years to master. Retaining walls are typically built with concrete sleepers slotted into steel that’s concreted into the ground. It’s no easy task.

For retaining walls under a metre, you won’t need council approval or an engineer. However, walls that exceed one metre will. Working with an experienced team not only ensures the safety, performance, and efficiency of the retaining wall, we can also offer advice to do it in the most affordable way.

From the initial consultation, the design and site preparation to the installation and after-service advice, we do it all.


Family owned & operated


You probably won’t have to ask around for long to find a friend or family member who have worked with us. In over two decades, we’ve helped thousands of families improve their outdoor living space with a stunning retaining wall. Our clients love our family-centric service, which is important to us, as we spend multiple days on the property with every new retaining wall project.

We aim to be the kind of team that you recommend to your neighbours, your family, and friends, in Mount Barker and beyond. Because retaining walls can be almost anything you like, taking our time with the consultation is a core part of our process. We want you to take your time, get a feel for what you like, and share any styles or questions you have. Our team will help you decide, as we understand options are abundant.


A retaining wall you’ll want to show off


A lot of steps go into creating a stunning retaining wall. With our friendly, professional, and experienced team, you’ll have a retaining wall that is a design showpiece, a solution to drainage issues, and a value-add to your house if you ever go to sell it. Hire a local, trusted business to bring your outdoor space to life.

To book in your free, no-obligation consultation, contact Fletcher’s Landscaping today. Mount Barker is a major suburb for us, but we also travel all over the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Barossa Valley. No suburb in these regions is off-limits for us. Call Stuart and the team at Fletcher’s Landscaping.