Fletcher’s Retaining Walls is a specialist team of landscapers, pavers, and garden specialists in the Adelaide Hills. We’ve worked across the region for over 20 years. During this time, we narrowed our focus to specialise in retaining wall design, construction, installation. This service is important for every type of property, particularly in Aldgate where we do encounter a lot of sloping blocks which require retaining Walls. From creating a visible ‘division’ in your yard and more aesthetic appeal, to preventing water run-off and increasing privacy, a retaining wall serves various functions.

While you might be tempted to tackle the retaining wall as a DIY job, this installation requires great expertise to master. It’s both a design and structural project that calls for knowledge in garden design, landscaping, soil, waterproofing, and local council regulations. It’s best to partner with a retaining wall company in the Adelaide Hills. We travel all over the Adelaide Hills, including to the beautiful town of Aldgate.

The charming Aldgate (5154)

Conveniently situated in the Adelaide Hills, Aldgate is less than a 15-minute drive to Mount Barker, and under 20 minutes to the city. The famous Mount Lofty hike is just eight kilometres away, a short 10-minute drive. Living in Aldgate, you have two nature attractions a couple of towns away: Cleland National Park and Belair National Park. The Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is on your doorstep. Location is one of the main drawcards of this wonderful Hills town.

Aldgate is one of the most well-known villages in the Adelaide Hills. Neighbouring the beautiful Stirling, it’s a wonderful town to live and invest in. In 2016, it was home to approximately 3,300 people – a number which has undoubtedly increased in the past few years, particularly with the tree-change trend. Nestled between Stirling, Mt George, Bridgewater and Heathfield, Aldgate is one of the most picturesque townships in the region.

Heritage-listed attractions in Aldgate

South Australia has an abundance of heritage-listed sites, many of which are in the Adelaide Hills. Aldgate has a number of locations in this list such as the Aldgate Crafts Shop, Aldgate Pump Hotel, Raywood home (previously Arbury Park), Stangate House and Garden, and Wairoa home. This beautiful leafy, historic town is quintessentially ‘Hills’, making it a hotspot for both locals and tourists not far from Hahndorf.

What to see & do in Aldgate

There are plenty of eateries that are putting Aldgate on the map as a foodie town. FRED Eatery is one such example. It’s a destination in itself, with an impressive menu, that wholesome Hills vibe, and a good location to wander around town. Yuki in the Hills brings incredible new-age, fine dining Japanese food to Aldgate. There’s also Spaghetti Head, an Italian restaurant, Dirty Doris, an eccentric American-inspired spot that’s not to be missed. For the full Aldgate experience of old meets new, a trip to the Pump Hotel is essential. This iconic pub needs no introduction.

For window shopping and perusing town, visit One Elk, Fred Living, and the Ride Union Bike Co. If you’re in the mood for the ‘old’ Aldgate, wander up to Stangate House and Garden. It’s a seven-minute walk from the main cluster of shops. It’s beautiful to visit in summer, spring, and autumn with its array of colours. Bring a book and enjoy some alone time at the garden or plan a picnic with friends and family. Stangate House was built by an Adelaide architect in the 1940s. This four-acre masterpiece is one of the most picturesque camellia gardens in Australia. It’s the heart of Aldgate.

Stirling on your doorstep

Five minutes down the road, you can enjoy all the attractions, restaurants, and events in Stirling – one of South Australia’s most prestigious, stunning towns. It’s a short drive, winding through a gorgeous stretch of the Hills with various BnBs. Pirralilla Estate and Cladich Pavilions, for example. You’ll also pass the Hut Community Centre, which is a collective of for food, creative workshops, conversations, second-hand books, and more. The Hut is staffed by local volunteers and captures the spirit of Aldgate, Stirling, and the surrounding areas.

There are various schools and parks in this part of the Hills – Aldgate Primary School, the Hills Montessori School, the Hills Montessori Middle School, Beechwood Garden, Doris Coulls Reserve, Sunnyspring Glen Reserve, Madurta Reserve, Aldgate Valley Reserve, and Nurutti Reserve.

Your local landscaping & garden company

Out of all the towns we travel to in the greater Adelaide Hills region, Aldgate is one of our most frequent trips. Get in touch with our team of retaining wall experts. For 20 years, we’ve been designing and installing retaining walls for homeowners, builders, and businesses across our region. This includes dozens of projects in and around your house in Aldgate. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your new retaining wall. Share your ideas, vision, and budget, and we’ll create a gorgeous wall that adds value to your house and lifestyle. This is an investment for your home, now, and when you plan to sell it.