Bluestone retaining walls look absolutely stunning. They suit the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide regions such as Mount Barker and ooze class. We’ve built many bluestone dry stacked retaining walls. There’s a need for retaining walls in almost every commercial and residential setting. From ‘fencing’ garden beds through to highly terraced blocks to enhance visibility of surrounding areas, retaining walls are a popular service. Even creating “levels” in an otherwise flat yard will enhance the look, and it’s definitely a technique a lot of landscapers use. For 22 years, we’ve designed, built, and installed retaining walls in block, stone, concrete sleepers, moss rocks, and Bluestone. This is no standard DIY service, not with all the considerations – the style of wall, surrounding environment, soil types, drainage, restricted spaces, and unlevel land.


Dry stack retaining walls

There is one style of retaining walls, with blocks that lock into one another, and another, the more rugged look. The latter is called dry stack retaining walls, constructed out of moss rocks, or any rock like bluestone that is chosen. The style is meant to look more like a bed of rocks, rather than a sculpted wall. The blocks aren’t nearly interlocking, but rather, tightly stacked bluestone or moss rocks pushed together. It looks like an extension of the natural environment. This creates a stunning look, but if you’re looking at getting a dry stack retaining wall built, consult experts who’ve had years of experience in knowing how to start with a solid base and a keen eye for picking the stones that interlock for strength. This is one of the best options for your Adelaide Hills home as it will suit the ascetic of your surroundings.

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Benefits of bluestone or moss rock walls

Choosing moss rocks to build your retaining wall is advantageous both practically and aesthetically. Moss rocks can hold a large amount of earth. Its natural beauty, strength and stack-ability make it ideal for retaining walls. The rocks allow for plants and greenery to grow around it.

Bluestone rocks also evoke natural beauty, complementing the area surrounding it with its soft tones. This material choice creates a more casual, yet intricate look. If moss rocks are stronger, Bluestone is more visually appealing. However, both are popular options for a gorgeous new retaining wall.


What is a bluestone wall?

It’s unlike any other rock that’s used in retaining wall construction. Bluestone has a rich depth of colours, making it a popular building material for decades. Full of character, bluestone has the longevity that’s required for a retaining wall (that’ll last for many years to come). With every piece of bluestone being different from the next, with its own unique characteristics, your retaining wall will be the only one in the world that exists. This is a unique advantage, unparalleled to any other retaining wall material choice. Consider this natural volcanic rock as the centrepiece of your outdoor area.

Rock walls have existed for thousands of years

Natural stone walls date back over 2,000 years. These were the first type of retaining walls, used all over the world. Stone walls can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where they were erected to fight flooding and soil erosion. While in recent decades, we’ve seen incredible innovations with retaining wall blocks, there’s something special about the original natural stone. Bluestone and moss rocks are the modern versions of this historic material choice for building retaining walls.

Dry stack walls are part of our history as a humanity. It’s rumoured that the oldest known dry-stone wall exists in Ireland – built approximately 5,800 years ago and 400,000 kilometres long. We can build your own little version of landscaping history, in your backyard. Let’s talk about the perfect bluestone or moss rock retaining wall for your house.

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Add a retaining wall to your entertaining area

Retaining walls are multi-functional. Walls can be constructed to solve a problem (sloping, waterproofing, subdivisions), but it also doubles as a design feature, a garden centrepiece. It can make your life easier, with smarter landscaping and convenient pathways.

At Fletchers, we can create any type of retaining wall. Share your ideas, your current frustrations, style preference and budget. We’ll create a retaining wall masterpiece. Contact us for a free, no-obligation on-site quote. This will be one of your best lifestyle and financial investments for your house.