Throw your ideas of concrete out the window. This is patterned concrete! Getting your retaining wall constructed with us, Fletcher’s Landscaping, you have a world of design possibilities. This is no ordinary structural wall. Choose from a range of colours and patterns to dress up the visible side of the concrete sleeper retaining wall. It’s well worth the extra cost to show off that stunning Adelaide Hills garden of yours.

A visual showpiece, a design statement

We create, supply, manufacture and install all types of retaining walls across the Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Barossa Valley and Adelaide metro. Our service covers the whole process of excavation, reading engineering, digging post holes, concreting in the required H Channel steel, and lowering in the heave concrete sleepers of your choice.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this retaining wall lasts a lifetime. Because it’s done the right way, from the start. It’s a practical solution for your sloping allotment that doubles as a conversation-evoking design piece. Gone are the days where concrete sleepers are dull, boring, and only looked at from a practical standpoint. This is just as much a part of your yard’s personality as the plants. Let’s make it gorgeous.

The concrete sleeper retaining you’ll look at for decades

Given that concrete doesn’t warp, rot, splinter, or break, it pays to spend a little extra on a stunning patterned retaining wall. Talk to Stuart and the team about your aesthetic taste and plans for the future of your yard.

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