Retaining wall blocks are really in fashion at the moment. Many types are interlocking which mean they can be stacked dry, without mortar and without the need for expensive footings or steel.

Since 2000, Fletchers Retaining Walls has specialised in boutique landscaping and building walls with retaining wall blocks. We began in commercial work but moved into residential after homeowners were searching for a specialist to help add value to their home and lifestyle, with a gorgeous block retaining wall. For 22 years, we’ve designed, built, installed and maintained retaining walls. It’s this legacy and passion that you benefit from, as a Fletchers customer.

retaining wall blocks
retaining wall blocks

We can do retaining wall blocks

The strength and style of a retaining wall comes down to the blocks we use. There are two ways to build a retaining wall: the concrete sleeper that get slotted into H channel steel connected to the ground with concrete footings and retaining wall blocks that interlock for strength. Let’s talk about the latter, the blocks.

Our team can use any retaining wall blocks you choose. One of the most popular block with our customers is the Versawall Sunstone. Versawall blocks feature a large natural split face texture and a unique, patented interlocking system. This means the block fit together easily and quickly. Efficiency is important in any installation job. If you look at the pictures you’ll start to get an idea of the types of walls stacked together with blocks. No doubt you’ve seen them around, and they do look absolutely stunning if done professionally.

Versawall Sunstone is a popular choice for residential jobs and concrete block walls for split level backyards. We also use this retaining wall block choice for vertical retaining walls, , and for residential installs. It’s also an ideal product choice for garden steps and edging, planter boxes, and landscaped areas.

retaining wall blocks
retaining wall blocks

The best retaining wall block products

Versawall is a perfect product to achieve a modern, yet natural rock finish. The result will be a large block face. For us as the wall designers, we love Versawall because of the end result and installation ease. The tongue and groove joints at the end of each block make for a seamless job. We can build unreinforced walls to 800mm or 1400mm. This is one of the best retaining wall options for most people.

There are plenty of additional retaining wall block brands and product types we use, to achieve the many different design preferences. We’re always guided by our client’s style, aesthetic eye, and the look of the surrounding area (house or business). For this reason, we need diversity in our products. There’s the Easy Edge Charcoal from Apex Masonry. It’s a popular block choice for homeowners who want to fix a weeding issue between bricks. Easy Edge can rest along straight or curved walls, creating garden borders, small fire pits, tree surrounds or to create a division for the garden.

The Windsor Stone Sunstone is a great block choice for creating standalone retaining and garden walls up to one-metre tall. Windsor Stone blocks include a rear-locking lip for seamless builds. It’s a breeze to stack these blocks. We can build gorgeous concave, convex and curved walls. This grainy stone-like face is a design hit.

The Linearwall Standard Fudge is another stunning block choice. From National Masonry, this retaining wall block option is stylish, functional, and durable. Perfect for all installations, from garden edges to decorative walls, this brand of blocks never disappoints. Our clients enjoy the patterns, colours, and stunning results.

retaining wall blocks
retaining wall blocks

Retaining wall artists, who do it all

It’s important to partner with a team of retaining wall experts who can ensure this installation is a value-add – to your outdoor entertaining area, your home, and ultimately, your lifestyle. It’s a design feature you can enjoy for years to come. This is why it’s essential to go through a professional team with over two decades of experience. A retaining wall isn’t some ordinary weekend DIY project. We need to consider the waterproofing, drainage, soil, erosion and surrounding environment, while also mastering a stunning design and installation efficiency. It’s an artform that takes years to develop.

Hire Fletchers to bring your gorgeous new retaining wall bricks to life. This is so much more than a stack of blocks. This is the centrepiece of your garden. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation on-site quote.