In 20 years, we’ve designed and constructed thousands of retaining walls. We service homeowners, builders, and businesses in the Littlehampton region. As locals ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of this part of our state – the backyards, soil, climate, design tastes, and council regulations. We craft gorgeous or functional retaining walls depending on what your requirements are. If you’ve got a vision for a retaining wall, landscaping or paving on your property, contact us. We’ll design it based on your style and budget.

You’ve likely seen one of our retaining walls at a local business or a neighbour’s house, somewhere in the Adelaide Hills. We only work in this region, particularly because there’s a greater need for retaining walls with the bigger yards and winter rain. Our designs prevent water run-off and erosion, acts as a visible boundary marker, minimises maintenance, and showcases a gorgeous garden.

Get in touch to organise a free, no-obligation quote. We travel and work in Littlehampton and well as some of the surrounding areas like Meadows.

We travel to Littlehampton (5250)

Mount Barker is on one side of the South-Eastern Freeway and Littlehampton is on the other. It’s less than five minutes away from the ‘CBD of the Hills.’ In 2016, the population of Littlehampton was approximately 3,500 – a number which has likely risen in the past few years. With Littlehampton’s proximity to both Mount Barker and the freeway, it’s a convenient place to live. It’s an easy 30-minute drive into the heart of the city.

There’s breweries and wineries on the cusp of Littlehampton, Cornerstone College, Anembo Recreation Sports Park, and the cluster of home improvement stores. This includes Bunnings, Pak-Rite, Paramount Browns, Repco, and various car dealerships.

Littlehampton’s history

In the 1890s, Littlehampton was a thriving industrial hub with a sawmill, brick works, and manufacturing facilities for jams, sauces, and bacon. However today, Littlehampton is coming into a new personality, with various modern eateries transforming the town into a ‘place to be’, not just to live. There’s Honey Bang Bang, a South-East Asia-inspired eatery with local wines and spirits, the elegant Pizzafino, and Artisian Oak Café. This is a town of gorgeous cottages that become the setting for restaurants for that quintessential Adelaide Hills feel. A foodie experience in Littlehampton isn’t complete without a meal at Great Eastern Hotel. The pub was built in 1843, making it a central character in Littlehampton’s story.

Things to do in Littlehampton

Littlehampton SA is a special place, not only because of its heritage but for its location. The main street connects to the freeway, which takes you easily into the city, but it’s also a gateway to the Adelaide Hills. Mount Barker is three kilometres away and you can get to Hahndorf, Woodside, Balhannah and Oakbank in around 10 minutes.

If you want to go even further and explore some of the iconic and independent wineries in the Lobethal and Lenswood area, it’s only a 20–25-minute drive. You’ll find Golding Wines, Pike and Joyce Wines, Barrister’s Block, Cobb’s Hill Estate, Revenir Winery, and Tillbrook Estate.

The famous spots such as Shaw + Smith and The Lane are basically in your backyard, living in Littlehampton.

While the entire region is a wonderful place for families, Littlehampton is particularly a standout suburb. It’s an affordable place to live, especially for young families who don’t need to be directly in Mount Barker. It offers a level of tranquillity that captures hearts, without being too far out. Enjoy the abundance of green spaces, bike paths, plant shops, hobby farms, and community spaces.

The nearby SteamRanger Heritage Railway is a beloved tourist attraction to bring the kids to. The historic train line extends 80 kilometres, giving passengers a glimpse into what it was like to travel throughout the Hills in the past.

Littlehampton offers a rich lifestyle for people of all ages, with as much or as little relaxation as you desire.

Landscaping, paving & retaining walls Littlehampton  

Your backyard is a central part of your Hills lifestyle. It’s important that you love your outdoor area, which is where we come in. Get in touch with us to organise a custom home for landscaping or paving services, as well as the design and construction of a new retaining wall. Whether you’re having issues with water run-off, require a visible ‘divider’ in your yard or want to highlight a specific area (such as a garden bed), our team can design suitable concrete or stone wall that you’ll love.

This is a great way to add commercial value to your home, as well as improve the look and feel of your property. We can install a retaining wall in your front or backyard. For 20 years, we’ve specialised in transforming outdoor spaces. Share your vision with us and we’ll bring it to life.