A retaining wall doesn’t just have practical benefits. It’s just as much a design piece, a gorgeous drawcard of your garden, as it is a functional installation. The past few decades have revolutionised what’s possible with a retaining wall. From a design perspective, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve been creating retaining walls this for over 22 years. If you’ve got an idea in mind, we can bring it to life. That’s the advantage of hiring a retaining wall specialist. This is an artform we’ve mastered. No matter what kind of retaining wall you’re looking for, we can build it. Blocks, stone, concrete sleepers, moss rocks and Bluestone, we install them all.

Types We Offer













Patterned concrete sleepers for retaining walls

All of the concrete sleepers we use are built to last a lifetime – quality assured to minimum 60MPa. Some of our client favourites include the Kensington, Cove, McLaren, Ashwood, Blackwood, and Lonsdale. Kensington, for example is a stunning charcoal in a sandstone and bookleaf pattern. It’s dubbed the best sleeper on the market. Modern yet classic, sophisticated yet strong, this concrete sleeper is hard to compete with.

Cove is a sandstone concrete sleeper, in a rock and block face pattern. It’s timeless, rustic, and stylish – with the natural rock face feeling like an extension of the garden. Cove perfectly complements the brickwork or contrasts the garden’s vibrancy.

Concrete retaining walls that stand tall for decades

These Outback Sleepers Australia products are manufactured here in Adelaide and come with a structural engineer certified 50-year lifespan. These sleepers are stunning, durable, and don’t require any maintenance. Choose a concrete sleeper to suit your design taste, outdoor space, and budget. We can dial the design up or down, depending on your needs. Do you want a simple, functional retaining wall or a structure that’ll be the centrepiece of your garden? We can create both.


The benefits of concrete sleeper varieties

Choice! We’ve been able to specialise in retaining walls for over 22 years because there’s endless ways we can build them. We’re guided by your design preferences, rather than being limited to a rigid set of products. Share photos with us. Tell us how you envision using your backyard. Talk to us about the common problems in your garden. All of these factors influence the concrete sleepers we use in your new retaining wall.

Whichever sleeper you choose, we guarantee it’ll be a premium product. A retaining wall should add value to your home and lifestyle. Given its longevity, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your outdoor area. Our concrete sleepers won’t rot, crumble, warp or split like cheaper alternatives. They’ll weather any storm, which is important especially in the Adelaide Hills.

A beautiful focal point for your garden

As Adelaide Hills locals ourselves, we know how essential a gorgeous, well-kept backyard is. A professionally designed and installed retaining wall is part of making this possible. It helps manage water run-off, particularly in those harsh Adelaide Hills winters. It also prevents soil erosion, balances out your lawn, adds structural support and a functional space to your yard, and has aesthetic appeal. If you’re a gardener, a retaining wall will give you more room to grow flowers, plants, and vegetables. It’ll also help you showcase distinct parts of your outdoor area such as a garden bed, patio or pool.

When you get a team of professionals build and install your retaining wall, it’ll be part of your home you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. At Fletchers, we can create any type of retaining wall you envision. We travel all over the Adelaide Hills. No matter where you live, we’ll come to you. Contact us for a free, no-obligation on-site quote.