concrete wall

For retaining walls under a metre high, you don’t need council approval or engineering advice. This means there are significant savings if you do keep it under this size. However, builds greater than a metre requires engineering drawings and council approval – which contributes to more cost and delays. We recommend engages us as early as possible in the process, so we can advise you on the best (money-saving) approach.

Engage us before you start the process

If you can avoid going over that metre mark, the entire project will be more affordable and efficient. Use that money saved to invest in a more decorative look or pocket it, for other projects around the house. As retaining wall specialists (for 20+ years), it’s our job to help you make an informed decision.

Retaining wall & landscaping specialists on your side

If your concrete retaining wall happens to be taller, don’t submit council approval without having our guys advocating for you. We’ll help simplify and speed up the process, without the headaches that often come with home extensions and updates.

Have us on your side of the fence, speaking your language.

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