concrete wall

Retaining walls are far from just simple structures. Unlike any simple wall, concrete sleeper systems withstand large pressures. Without proper footing, construction, waterproofing and drainage, these walls can actually be dangerous. It’s an art to install a well-designed and constructed concrete retaining wall.

At Fletcher’s Landscaping, expect yours to be safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Because when you live in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu Peninsula, we know how important your backyard is.

Stunning patterned concrete sleepers

Over the 21+ years we’ve been in operation, we’ve seen many retaining walls that were poorly constructed or simply failed because of changes in the environment. This might have been caused by drainage or additional landscaping. It might not have even been under your watch if you moved into your house within the last few years. Whatever the issue, we’ll fix it. Retaining walls, specifically patterned concrete sleepers, are our speciality.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to replace the wall. We’ll always aim to repair it first, if possible. Because we’re owner-operated, you’ll talk directly to Stuart Fletcher. No one knows retaining walls better than Stuart in the Adelaide Hills.


Let your retaining wall double as ‘décor’


Your concrete sleeper can stand out as a design statement in your yard. It all comes down to the blocks and options. No matter how tall, broad, or attractive you want it to be, we’re here to make that happen. Our complete retaining wall services include:


  • Concrete Sleeper Systems
  • Limestone Block Walls
  • Panel & Post Systems
  • Sandstone Retaining Walls
  • Wood Sleepers Walls
  • Timber Retaining Walls
  • Natural Rock Walls
  • Natural Stone Block
  • Engineered Retaining Walls
  • Retaining Wall Repair Services.


Create a visible division in your yard


Do you have a pool or are you thinking of installing one? Like the idea of creating more of a dedicated area for a garden? How about a playground for the kids? An area to park your cars? A pond or water fountain? Concrete retaining walls can be built to suit your exact requirements and location. We can architect the specific look you want, crafted to the highest engineering standards.


Draw attention to your landscaping


Concrete sleeper retaining walls serve many functions, from keeping soil in place to adding more privacy. These structures can add a decorative touch to your landscape and create raised patios, sloped terraces, and steps. Versatile, easy to maintain, and supports current drainage, retaining walls are a favourable add-on to yards. Talk to us about any specific requirements so we can build your concrete retaining walls to improve your outdoor spaces.

The cost of your new retaining wall systems depends on range of factors:


  • Number of blocks or units to construct the wall
  • Type of concrete engineering and decorative finish
  • Location and soil condition
  • Professional services labour.

Because every house is different, engage our team to visit your location and prepare a custom solution. Retaining walls is what we’ve been doing for the past 21+ years. Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation.