Mount Barker is a town in the Adelaide Hills with an estimated population of just over 16,000 people, and is home to a large variety of different cultures and people. Located at the base of Mount Barker Summit, it has become home to anyone wanting to move out of the city, but still be close enough that they can get to the city in under 30 minutes.

Mount Barker was home to the Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people from the East also used the Summit for ceremonial and burial sites a long time ago. The Mount Barker Summit is a well known Aboriginal area, and is one of the most sacred sites for the native people that dates back thousands of years. More about Mount Barker here

Mount Barker is the largest town in the Adelaide Hills, registering more than 16,000 people as of 2022. It is the home for a wide variety of local business, including five smaller shopping centres, four supermarkets and quite a few restaurants and cafes run by local residence.

Mount Barker has many recreational activities available such as walking trails and a cinema. Mount Barker has five shopping centres, Mount Barker Central, also known as The Bilo Mall is the largest and oldest, containing a Coles supermarket, Kmart and around 50 other smaller niche shops that sell a large variety of goods to the people of Mount Barker.

There are a diverse variety of parks that are scattered around Mount Barker such as Newenham Linear Park, which offers many walking trails and some beautiful sites and rivers, Barka Park Dog Park, which is a great place to take your dogs for exercise, as well as Keith Stephenson Park, which offers a large playground and recreational activities for children throughout the year.

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Point of Interest #1 A1 Mechanical Repairs, 319 Flaxley Rd, Mount Barker SA 5251

Point of Interest #2 Clover Park Lilac Parade, Mount Barker SA 5251

Point of Interest #3 Lofty Coaches 226 Flaxley Rd, Mount Barker SA 5251